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Well Our 65th Year Class of 1954 has come and gone.

And so will this Website.  I have kept it going for three years. Now that our 65th Reunion is behind us I'm going to close the Website down in January2020. 

For those who visited it - Thanks for your interest.  If you want to communicate with me, or the reunion committee in the future, I have posted my email address, phone number and home address.  Copy them down and feel free to contact me (us) anytime.

Email:  aheshleman@gmail.com


Phone:  717-413-0342  Cell (Best)

717-397-0283  Home

Address:  Allen Eshleman                    

59 Cedar Acres Drive

Lancaster, PA 17602

Established:     July 30, 2016 Updated:  December 21, 2019

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