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About Class of 1954

We currently stand at 154 living members, 131 deceased members and 33 missing members. Of course we have members scattered across the entire United States.  As people have moved around over the years they have failed to keep the Class Committee or Alumni Association up to date with regard to their address. Once you move and don't tell us we lose track and can't let you know what we are up to. Some do not provide new addresses because they forget, some others may do so because they want to just sever ties.  We're all sorry they feel that way but we wish them well were ever they are.  

If you are in contact with any members of the class double check with them and make sure they are currently on our mailing list.  If they didn't received a mailing about the 65th reunion in 2019  they are lost to us and we really want  to reconnect with them.

Jeremiah Miller - Alumni Association Coordinator, J.P. McCaskey High School
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